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Stathis Triantafyllou: Health Wellness & Fitness Professional.

Empower Your Body, Transform Your Life

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About Stathis Triantafyllou

Highly competent and passionate personal trainer dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Proven track record of success in evaluating clients' physical fitness levels and understanding their specific needs. Skilled at developing customized and practical workout routines to ensure clients reach their targets. Utilizes effective communication skills to establish trust and foster long-term relationships with clients. Prioritizes safety and client satisfaction as the topmost concerns. Designs comprehensive programs that integrate fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle elements to facilitate long-lasting changes. Committed to delivering results in the shortest possible time frame. Constantly seeks knowledge and develops additional skills to provide tailored solutions to clients. Focuses on helping clients correct muscle imbalances and achieve personal objectives. Strives for customer happiness and completion of programs in a safe manner. Passionate about empowering clients and promoting overall well-being. Offers a holistic approach to fitness, considering various aspects of a person's life. Dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring clients' needs are met. Continuously evolving and staying up-to-date with industry trends to provide the best possible guidance. Inspires and motivates clients throughout their fitness journey.


Knowledge Acquisition


National Academy of Sports Medicine

Functional Movement Screen

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer

NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM- Fitness Nutrition

NASM-Behaviour Change Specialist

FMS Level-2,SFMA



Certified of attendance Workshop Foundation Strength & Conditioning

Certified of attendance Weight Lifting

Certified of attendance Plyo Agility Speed

Certified of attendance Planning Effective Programs



Qualified TRX Suspension Training Course Level 1

Qualified TRX  Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course Level 2

Certified Advanced Group Qualified TRX Suspension Training Course Level 3

200Hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher



July 2023

Certified from the CETI USA Trainer about cancer patients

Completed Rehabilitation of patients after       cardiovascular operations from National Kapodistrian   University of Athens

Fit Girl

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Tzanis Tzanrtakis

Training with Stathis has been a blast! His deep knowledge, passion and creativity are unmatched and make for a unique experience every session. Since I am currently living between 2 countries, my training environments constantly change, but Sathis always adapts and comes up with new routines depending on the location. After 8 months of training with him I highly recommend him!
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